Undergraduate Students

Plane Algebraic Curves complied by Katie Cunningham with web design by Mike Freeze.

Computing global dimensions of endomorphism rings of modules over rings of finite Cohen-Macaulay type by Brandon Doherty with Presentation and Code

P-adic Numbers, Honours Thesis by Paul Holloway.

Applications of Elliptic Curves over Finite Fields, Honours Thesis by Josh Koncovy.

Properties of the Gamma Function and Riemann Zeta Function by Derrick Glen Kirby.

Master's students

Hochschild Cohomology and The Theory of Algebraic Deformations, Master's Report by Josh Koncovy.

The basic theory of varieties in algebraic geometry, Master's Report by Rasha Almohammadi.

The Brauer-Manin obstruction and the Hasse Principle, Master's Thesis by Eric Robert.

McKay Graphs, Master's Thesis by Dane Frenette.

Applications of Groebner Bases, Master's Thesis by Syed Ali Abbas.

The Jordan Canonical Form of a Kronecker Product, Master's Report by Pako Ramasu.

Ph.D. Students

Del Pezzo Orders with Canonical Singularities, Ph.D. Thesis by Amir Nasr.

McKay Quivers of the Groups G(r,m,n), Ph.D. Thesis by Matthew Lewis.

Contributions to the Stable Derived Categories of Gorenstein Rings, Ph.D. Thesis by Vincent Gélinas.

Towards a minimal model program for Brauer pairs, Ph.D. Thesis by Basil Nanayakkara.