Charles Starling

Term Assistant Professor, Carleton University

Research Interests

My research is the study of C*-algebras and dynamical systems. An example which has motivated and informed almost all of my research is that of aperiodic tilings with long-range order. Tilings and their C*-algebras have connections with symbolic dynamics, Bratteli diagrams, Cantor minimal systems, étale groupoids, inverse semigroups and many other areas. Perhaps the most famous example of an aperiodic tiling is the Penrose tiling which was discovered by Roger Penrose in the 70's.

If you are interested in an undergraduate research project on any of what you read about above, please contact me!

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Selected Presentations

Inverse Semigroups in C*-algebras, Fields Workshop on New Directions in Inverse Semigroups, University of Ottawa, June 2016.
Boundary Quotients of Semigroup C*-algebras, Fields Workshop on Quantum Groups, Operator Algebras and Applications, University of Ottawa, February 2015.
Self-Similar Graph Actions and Partial Crossed Products, Partial Actions and Representations Symposium, Gramado Brazil, May 2014.
The Dynamics of Inverse Semigroups, FloripaDynSys Workshop on Dynamics, Numeration, and Tilings, Florianopolis Brazil, November 2013.
Aperiodic Order in Dynamical Systems and Operator Algebras, Summer School 2012, UFSC Florianopolis, Brazil.
Finite Group Actions on Substitution Tilings, Canadian Operator Symposium, Victoria Canada, May 2011.
Aperiodic Substitution Tilings, University of Ottawa Grad Seminar, December 2010.
Substitution Tilings and Groupoids, Fields Workshop on Semigroups and Categories, University of Ottawa, May 2010.