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This page contains educational, computational and genealogical material as well as a list of my publications, copies of some of my articles etc..

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My two genealogical books


OCTAVE is the open-source equivalent of MATLAB and was developed at the University of Wisconsin starting the late 1980s (OCTAVE was the name of a chemical engineering professor, OCTAVE Levenspiel; nothing to do with music). They are constructed in different ways, but the basic OCTAVE commands are the same as those of MATLAB and OCTAVE will run programs written for MATLAB. In my opinion OCTAVE is a better language for students to learn because of the programming structure; whereas MATLAB ends loops, etc. with the same command "end", OCTAVE uses "for ... endfor", etc.

The following manual is a sixty page introduction, especially written for Student Linux, to using OCTAVE for solving linear and polynomial equations, statistics, data analysis, an introduction to programming, graphing, "tossing coins on a computer" (simulation), etc. A special feature (section 01) is "A sample OCTAVE session" which allows the student to rapidly learning the essential features (diaries, variable ...) of using OCTAVE. Suggested excercises are included in each section and OCTAVE sessions and programs are commented.
This booklet may be freely distributed for educational purposes.

An Introduction to Octave for High School and University Students

A Guide to Matlab: fifth edition

I wrote this manual for students in modelling, linear algebra, probability etc. Various editions appeared between 1994 and 2004. I am putting it on the web in the hope that it will prove useful to others. It may be freely distributed for educational purposes.

This manual takes the approach, "If you want to do this, these are the commands". All commands are illustrated by examples and programs especially written for this text.

Table of Contents

Text (222 pages in PDF format)

How To Guides for Linux

Detailed guides for some Linux software: managing files, text editors, PDF viewing etc.

Do It Yourself Tex

A set of forms, macro files, examples etc. for typesetting in pure XeTeX.

Access to the directory

Shell files which may prove helpful in connection with Do It Yourself Tex.


With Graphviz one describes nodes and the relationship---if there are any---between them (via "edges") and the software does the rest.

You can contact me at rhfischl--AT--math.carleton.ca