How To Files
These files illustrate how to use various software.

KONQUEROR   a file manager plus.
Among Konqueror features are: create new directories for specific projects; split screens to facilitate the transfer of files from one directory to another or to and from a USB travel stick; and bookmarking of directories.

Some users may prefer to use DOLPHIN as their file manager. Copying is horizontal; go left to right consistantly to avoid confusion. Instead of bookmarks, Dolphin uses "places" which appear on the left. Devices, such as USB sticks will appear as a "place" and can be unmounted by clicking on the place.

KATE  a text editor.
Among Kate's features are: context recognition where the code commands are highlighted and omissions and errors can be more quickly located and corrected; split screens so that one can easily transfer material from one file to another (or from the top to the bottom of the same file); rapid switching from one open file to another; and bookmarking of directories.

There is a "lighter" version of Kate called KWRITE . If you open a second file it will appear in another copy of kwrite.

KONSOLE  a terminal.
A terminal, also referred to as a console, etc is where you give line commands (terminal commands, shell commands, bashrc commands, etc.)

OKULAR   an all purpose viewer.
For viewing pdf, png, jpg, eps ... files. You can copy text from a PDF file and copy it into a text file. You can also make annotations, highlight etc.

Another PDF viewer is QPDFVIEW, which allows a continuous view and two pages at a time.

Other useful tools are:

PDFSHUFFLER: for adding PDF files, reordering pages, and taking out pages.

GSCAN2PDF: for gathering images into a PDF file.

HTMLDOC : for converting an HTML page into a PDF file

USB  Mounting and unmounting a USB device.

Taking a Snapshot of Part of the Screen
Depending on what you want to do there are two methods, each with its own advantages.

Storing and Compressing
For sending or storing a collection of directories and files the tools TAR and GZIP are ideal.

REMIND   A powerful calendar program.

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