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The following are a subset of the shell files that I have created over the years.

The first four operate on all the relevant files in the directory, so store those that you do not want to change elsewhere.

The shell files that are used with images require that magemagick be installed.

This will convert all files with the extensions jpg, JPG, png and PNG to EPS files (extension .eps). This is used in connection with PSTRICKS to import images.
It creates a directory called ORIGINAL and places the originals there.

This reduces all the *.png and *.png files to a sample size of 500 pixels x 500 pixels. The output files adds "_500".
With a simple search and replace one can create reduce850 reduce1000 etc.

This will remove all *.log, *.dvi and *.aux files # use this for your own music

This will remove all *~ (backup) files. It first calls up two warning files: [empty.txt] and [5sec.txt] so include these.

This is useful if a photograph is not quite horizontal. It allows you to quickly rotate by a series of small angles, with the amount of rotation being part of the new file name. You can then choose the best rotation. For example:
    rotate -0.4 panda.png   ==  outputs to ==>   -0.4degrees_panda.png

I use in connection with KTIMER as musical notifier. Change the music as desired or just type bell in the console to listen to my choice.

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