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You'll find all sorts of material of a personal and general nature here from calligraphy to the visual arts and poetry. I'm Italian, speak three languages, the son of a Renaissance man and the son of a wise and wonderful woman, devoted father, once aspiring master of a 180 lb. Newfoundland dog, who, incidentally, is also Italian and speaks three languages (but is now deceased). For some inspiration see The Immortals page, always under construction. The acquisition of knowledge coupled with the act of discovery is, and will continue to be, my primary driving impulse... For original children's literature by a young adolescent see my daughter - Giovanna's page; the Carleton University Art Gallery Home Page and A Source of Art Gallery  (no longer active). 

If you insist in using Internet Explorer you will not be able to use the images at the top to send you to my other pages. In this case, follow these links to my poetry page, calligraphy page, my small art gallery,  and an out-of-date resume
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