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Calculus and Pre-Calculus software for all students of Calculus, at any level, anywhere!

Freeware/Shareware programs:

Polynomial Plotter 

The software will plot the graph of any polynomial of degree 6 or less with real coefficients in a qualitative way, that is, without any reference to the location of various points on the axes. In this form the plotter is very useful as a visual complement to first year science or engineering students in their graph-sketching pursuits as they can detect the changes in concavity, inflection points, critical points on the graphs. This allows one to gain insight drawn from theoretical calculations., without having to worry about numerical accuracy to 9 decimal places!

Download the Readme file, first
Download the runtime files, second (3.3 MB)
Download the Polynomial Plotter for Windows 95/NT 4.0, (17 KB)

The 3n+1 problem

One of the big problems in an area of mathematics called Number Theory is commonly called The 3n+1 Problem . Well, what is it? Let's say you start with a positive number, any number. If the number is odd (like 5, 7,...) multiply it by three and then add 1 and if this number is even divide it by two and keep doing doing this as long as you can! Here's an example. Claim: this sequence of numbers always ends with 1 regardless of the choice of the original number!!! If you want to try and see how this program works, go here The Problem is: No one on this planet knows why this sequence of numbers HAS to end with 1!!

Download the Javascript source code

MS-DOS and MS-Windows Utilities

If you want to get get rid of those irritating ".tmp" files after those notorious GPF's (General Protection Faults) in Windows (3.x or otherwise) you can use the batch file gotcha.bat (an MS-DOS batch file) to wipe your hard drive clean of these temp files. This batch file assumes your boot drive is c:\ and your windows diretory is c:\windows otherwise make the necessary changes(instructions given: You can open the batch file with e.g., Notepad or any other text editor to read them).

Download gotcha.bat (479 B)

Full-version programs

Calculus functions plotter

Tired of wondering if all those graphs you're sketching in your first-year Calculus course are really the graphs you want? How do you know if you're right? Worried about finding the right critical points? How about the roots using Newton's method? Worry no more, the Calculus Functions Plotter is here! Tried and tested on many first year students it serves to complement the standard first-year Calculus curriculum by helping you determine the correct graph of a given function.

The full version of the Polynomial Plotter (above) can be found here.This MS-Windows program will accept any standard function for input and return its graph on a prescribed interval. It will also find its roots and extrema and calculate function values as well. A README file is included which should be read! Platforms include MS-Windows 3.1, 3.1.1, 95, NT 4.0 (all on the same executable). For sample screenshots and help file click here.

Download the Calculus Plotter
(VISA compliant order only)


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