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What happened in the world of science on this day?

Course Outlines for 1996-2014

Instructor: Dr. Angelo B. Mingarelli
Office: Herzberg Physics Building #4380
Tel/Fax: (613) 520 2600 ext. 2162

Mathematics 69.102 F/W
Calculus for mathematics specialists

Calculus for Engineering Students (Fall, 1996)

Introduction to Hilbert Space **CANCELLED due to insufficient enrollment**

Elementary Calculus I (Fall, 1996).

Introductory Calculus, (Winter, 1997)

Elementary Calculus I (Winter, 1997).

Elementary Calculus I (Fall, 1997).

Chaotic Dynamical Systems (Fall, 1997)

Multivariable Calculus for Engineers (Winter, 1998).

Differential Equations and Infinite Series for Engineers (Winter, 1998).

Elementary Calculus I (Fall, 1999).

Elementary Calculus I (Fall, 1999).

Differential Equations and Infinite Series for Engineering (Winter, 2000).

Advanced Calculus (Fall, 1999 - Winter, 2000)

Elementary Calculus I (Generic Site, any year).

Elementary Calculus I (Generic Site, any year).

Multivariable Calculus for Engineers (Winter, 2002).

Theory of Differential Equations I (Winter 2004 and Winter 2008).

Elementary Calculus I (Fall, 2009).

Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations

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