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Suggested links:

  1. BulletR ShinyApp simulating the effect of fishing gear of salmon populations with Github code.

  2. BulletR ShinyApp visual of the number of graduates per year per program per university with Github code.

  3. BulletR code and details for acquiring and cleaning datasets from Open Government sources with Github code.

  1. BulletIn Spring 2020 I taught the graduate Statistical Language models course.

  1. BulletCase Study Competitions 2023, (data details), 2019, 2017,2015.

  1. Bullet Join the Data Science or Machine Learning Meetup Groups.  Visit our open Data Science reading group.

  1. BulletIn Spring 2016 I taught the graduate Statistical Computing course.

  1. BulletTalk for the SFU/UBC stat graduate student seminar: How to get a job when you graduate, spoiler alert: you should already be looking

  1. BulletMatlab code for solving ‘very hard’ Sudoku

  1. BulletR code for decoding Cryptograms

  1. BulletOverview on statistical methods for differential equation models video at BIRS in Banff (Nov 2013).

  1. BulletWorkshop on Statistical Methods for Dynamic System Models held in downtown Vancouver June 4-6 2009.

  1. BulletIn May 2009 I taught Stat 890: Statistics for Dynamic System Models. This course was open to graduate students majoring in Statistics and Applied Mathematics. Notes and code are online

  1. BulletMetropolis Hastings vs Parallel Tempering comparison:

  1. BulletTwo draws from a probabilistic differential equation solver:

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