Students and long term visitors



Current Students:


Visitors and Postdocs:

  • Jianying Fang, visiting researcher, Novmeber 2019-April 2020.
  • Aleksandr Tuxanidy, Postdoc. October 2018-September 2019.
  • Zuling Chang, visiting researcher, November 2018-April 2019.
  • Xiaoping Li, visiting researcher, November 2017- November 2018.
  • Xubo Zhao, visiting researcher, November 2017- November 2018.
  • Murat Sahin, July 2018-September 2018.
  • Yuhua Sun, visiting researcher, September 2016-September 2017.
  • Ming Su, visiting researcher, September 2015-September 2016.
  • David Thomson, visiting researcher, January 2013--December 2014.
  • Sartaj Ul Hasan: post-doc (co-supervision with D. Panario), 2012.
  • Murat Sahin: post-doc (co-supervision with D. Panario), 2012.

    Past graduate students

  • Lisha Li, visiting PhD student, November 2018-October 2019.
  • Yanping Wang, visiting PhD student, November 2018-October 2019.
  • Aleksandr Tuxanidy (PhD), defended in September 2018. Thesis title: Problems on permutation and irreducible polynomials.
  • Zynab Alshareef (MSc), defended in September 2018. Thesis title: Composed Product and Factorization of Cyclotomic Polynomials over Finite Fields.
  • Kaitlyn Chubb (MSc) (co-supervision with Daniel Panario), defended in May 2018. Thesis title: Fixed Points of Rational Functions Satisfying the Carlitz Property.
  • Ellen Murdock (MSc), defended in September 2017. Project title: Cyclotomic mappings: an exploration into new and old properties.
  • Ommkaltoum Omar, MSc, defended in January 2016. Thesis title: Deficiency and Ambiguity of low degree permutation polynomials.
  • Jing (Jane) He, PhD (co-supervision with Daniel Panario), completed in 2013. Thesis title: Interleaved sequences over finite fields.
  • Arikushi , MSc (co-supervision with Daniel Panario), defended on September 2, 2008. Thesis title: Almost perfect nonlinear functions.
  • Baoyong Wang, MSc, graduated in August 2009.
  • Lu Chen,  MSc, graduated in February 2007.


    Past Research Award students

  • Jessica Malek, May -August 2019, Dean's Summer Research Student.
  • Simon Kuttner May -August 2019, NSERC USRA.
  • Trevor Thompson May-August 2018, NSERC USRA. (co-supervision with D. Panario)
  • Simon Kuttner May -August 2018, Dean's Summer Research Student. (co-supervision with J. Gao)
  • Joseph Lentini, May-August 2016, Dean's summer research student. (co-supervision with D. Panario)
  • Flash Thompson, May-August 2016, Dean's summer research student.(co-supervision with D. Panario).
  • Aleksandr Tuxanidy, April to Septebmer 2014, NSERC Engage Project with Irdeto (, finite fields transforms for software protection.
  • Anja Radakovic, undergraduate research assistantship, May to August 2014.
  • Ellen Murdock, NSERC Engage project with Irdeto (, May to August 2014.
  • Joshua Hefler, Summer Undergraduate Research, May-August 2008 (co-supervision with D. Panario).
  • Jordan Bell (co-supervised with Brett Stevens),  NSERC Undergraduate  Research Award,  May to August 2006.
  • Jordan Bell,  Undergraduate Research Assistantship, September to December 2005.


    Past Honours Students

  • Anja Radakovic, Honours Project, title: Deep holes of Reed-Solomon codes: a summary of results, completed in January 2014.
  • Ellen Murdock, Honours Project, title: The use of the polynomial method in selected problems, completed in Janunary 2014.
  • Aleksandr Tuxanidy Torres, Honours Project, title: Composed products and factorization of cyclotomic polynomials over finite fields, completed in August 2011.
  • Khan Muneer co-supervision with Brett Stevens), Honours Project, title:On sonnar sequences, completed in May 2010.
  • Olga Sosnovksi (co-supervision with Daniel Panario), Honours Project, title: Divisibility of polynomials over finite fields and combinatorial applications, completed in May 2009.
  • Alex Suvc, Honours Project, title: On Deletion Codes, completed in May 2009.
  • Bryan English, Honours Project,  title:  Frequency permutation arrays, completed in May 2007.
  • Joshua Ulla, Honours Project,  title: Starters and 1 factorizations of graphs, completed in May 2007. He is a graduate student at Carleton University now.
  • Tas Saleem, Honours Project,  title: GH-cryptosystems, completed in January 2007.
  • Jason Parent, Honours Project,  title: Algebraic loops, completed in September 2006.
  • Adrian Chong, Honours Project,  title:  Finding the n-th term of linear recurrences, completed in September 2005.
  • Ranjith Jeyabalan, Honours Project,  title: On Reed-Muller Codes, completed in May 2005.
  • Ma, Honours Project,  title: Systolic Array Mappings of Matrix Multiplications, completed in May 2005.