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My Book 2004b and My Post-2004 Activities
On page 180 of my study of Zeising I listed the book [2004b],The Golden Number. The former book was printed in early September, 2004, just as my wife and I retired. After a month long retirement trip to France and several months of catching up on other matters, I started reorganizing the rather vast amount of material on the golden number that I had collected over the years. I then started writing The Golden Number, but after a short while I found myself repeating things that had appeared in my articles and books. A rehashing of material was not something that appealed to me, nor would it contribute anything new to the serious study of golden numberism. I thus decided to put an end to my research in this field.

My only remaining connection is the maintenance of the page dealing with new material on Zeising. As the list shows there is a great deal of material, some quite surprising, related to Zeising that I knew nothing about when I wrote the book.

As to what I have been doing since my retirement an aperçu can be found at my other web page.