The Letters of Elsa Sommer to Ruth Holländer
1937.10.27 to 1939.06.09

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Ruth Holländer was born 1915.01.09 in Hilchenbach and emigrated from Germany on 1937.11.01. Just before she left she received a letter, dated 1937.10.27, and a photo from from her (second) cousin Else Sommer, born 1914.07.01 in Heinebach. After she left she received at least seven more letters. Some of these also had messages from other members of Else Sommer's family.

N.B. The writing paper used was very thin and one could often see the writing on the back side. Thus in some cases a high contrast photocopy was first made; this accounts for the white background on some pages and a yellowish tint when a scan was made directly from the letter.