MATH 1107 section C, Winter 2007, Linear Algebra 1

Instructor: Mr. Li, Jun
Contact: office: 2250 HP (Herzberg Physics); phone: 520-2600 ext.1731; email: jli@math.carleton.ca
Office Hours: Tuesdays 14:30 -- 15:30 and Thursdays 14:30 -- 15:30, or send me email to schedule an appointment.

by David Poole, Linear Algebra: a Modern Introduction,  Thomson (Brooks/Cole).

Ontario Grade 12 mathematics: Geometry and Discrete Mathematics; or an OAC in Algebra and Geometry, or   MATH 0107 or equivalent.
Note: students who do not have  the  appropriate prerequisite may be automatically deregistered from the course during the semester.

Lectures: Tuesdays 7:30-9:30 pm and Thursdays 7:30-8:30 pm in room 4499 ME (Mackenzie Building)

(First Class: Thursday January 4, 2007; Last Class: Tuesday April 3, 2007).

Tutorials: begin on January 11, and then every Thursday, 8:30 - 9:30pm. 
On the tutorial sessions the students are expected to work in small groups or individually on specific problems.  A Teaching Assistant (TA) will be present, to answer questions and to administer the tests.  The class is divided according to the students' last names into the following tutorial groups:  

Family Name

Tutorial No.

Tutorial Room

TA's Name (last then first)

email address

 A - Z



Jun Liu






Note:  This subdivision overrides the one on registration and is done to simplify the bookkeeping. All students are strictly encouraged to attend the group they are assigned to, due to the extreme shortage of sitting places in the classrooms. For those who violate this rule, the tutorial work will be counted as zero.


Your final grade for the course will consist of
(1) Term Mark 40%;
(2) Final Examination 60%.

Term Mark
There will be four 50-minute tests held in the regular tutorial hours on January 18, February 8, March 1 and March 22. Students are expected to take all 4 tests. The best 3 of the 4 will be counted to accommodate for some unforeseen circumstances, such as sicknesses, family gatherings, religious holidays etc. There are no make-up tests. In case when a student misses more than one test due to illness (supported by a doctor note), jury duty or extreme personal misfortune, the term mark may be pro-rated. Please see me should such a case arise. It is your responsibility to pick up your marked test in the following tutorial hour.  

Note: Term Mark 40% = The average of best three tests out of four tests will be counted as 30% + Your Tutorial work during the term will be counted as 10%.

Final Examination
This is a 3- hour exam scheduled by the University. The exam is taking place during the period of April 9 - 29, 2007. It is each student responsibility to be available at the time of the examination. In particular, no travel plans should be made until the examination schedule is published.  It is each student responsibility to find out the correct date and time of the exam and the room where it takes place. After the exam is written, the students are allowed to see their exam papers until May 15. This examination review is for the educational purpose only and NOT for negotiation of the grade with the instructor. Please remember that we do not change grades on the basis of your needs (such as scholarships, etc.).  

Note: you must obtain at least 50% of total and at least 40% of the final exam mark to pass the course. Students who do not present sufficient term work (tests average above 12 points out of 40) and are absent on the final examination will be assigned the grade of FND – “F ail No Deferral”. This means that the student is not eligible to write a deferred examination.

ONLY non- programmable calculators are allowed for tests and for the final exam.  Any programmable calculator will be confiscated for the duration of a test or the exam. I reserve the right to disallow any calculator.

Selected exercises, mainly from the text, will be posted on my web site.  These exercises are not to be handed in and will not be graded.  However, to succeed in the course it is absolutely essential that you do the exercises on a regular basis.

The last day for withdrawal from the course is March 9, Friday.

The Tutorial Centre (1160 HP, in the tunnel)
This is a drop-in centre providing a one-to-one tutorial service for Q-year and first year students on a
"first come first serve" basis. It is open starting January 22, at the following hours:
Monday to Thursday:  10:00 - 16:00.

Students with disabilities requiring academic accommodations in this course are encouraged to contact the Paul Menton Centre (500 University Centre, phone 520-6608) to complete the necessary forms. After registering with the Centre, make an appointment to meet with me in order discuss your needs at least two weeks before the first in-class test. This will allow for sufficient time to process your request. Please note the following deadline for submitting completed forms to the Centre for formally scheduled exam accommodations: March 9.

  Course Outline



Tutorials and Tests




 Jan 3- 5

 1.1 - 1.3

Review of Vectors.


Jan 8 - 12


2.1, 2.2

Systems of Linear Equations. Direct Methods for Solving Linear Systems.


 Jan 15-19

 Test 1

2.3, 2.4

Spanning Sets and Linear Independence. Allocation of Resources, Balancing Chemical Equations.


 Jan 22- 26


3.1, 3.2

Matrix Operations. Matrix Algebra.


Jan 29 - Feb 2



The Inverse of a Matrix.


 Feb 5- 9

 Test 2


Subspaces, Basis, Dimension and Rank.


 Feb 12 - 16



Linear Transformations.


Feb 19 - 23

No classes





Test 3


The Kernel and Range of a Linear Transformation.


Mar 5 - 9


Append C, 4.1

Complex Numbers. De Moivre's Theorem. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors.


Mar 12 - 16





Mar 19 - 23

Test 4

4.3, 4.4



 Mar 26 - 30




The above week by week schedule is subject to a change depending on the progress of the course .