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Poster Preparation Info and Tips

Remember that judges are not looking for a production ready prediction model, they are looking for a solid attempt at tackling a real world problem. Every team will need to make decisions along the way. There are many different right answers and strategies. The best predictions alone will not take you all the way to win the contest. You need some added insights.

Prepare a poster to highlight your insights.

Part of your poster should help you to describe what you did and show strategies and methods used. Part of your poster should show results. The rest of your poster should emphasize insights, interesting features or results, ideas for future,... This is your chance to distinguish yourselves from the competition. In general plots are better at providing information than tables.

You can make your poster out of letter size (A4) paper in a 4 page x 3 page grid. You will be able to tape them together for the competition. Include your names, university affiliation, level of study, and a title on your poster.

Judges will have only 10 minutes to view each poster. They will want you to talk them through what you did and what you learned about / from the data. They will also ask you questions.