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Serge Godbout

Serge Godbout is a senior methodologist with the transportation statistics program at Statistics Canada. He holds a B.Sc. in mathematics from Laval University and a post-graduate certificate in management from the HEC Montreal. His team is involved in the modernization of many surveys on the detailed movements of vehicles, passengers, and goods in aviation, rail, and trucking; the enhancement of a quality assurance framework; and the evaluation of new data sources for statistical purposes, such as vehicle registration files, GPS data, and Generic Transit Feed Specification data. He has also conducted various research and development projects on sampling, estimation, adaptive design, and modeling in business surveys.

Tecla Kalinda

Tecla Kalinda is a Senior Statistical Analyst at Bank of Canada in their Data and Statistics Office. She studied economics at the University of Ottawa and is very passionate about teaching kids and teens financial literacy via ZalaSmart.com

Dr. Keith O’Rourke

Dr. Keith O’Rourke is a Senior Epidemiologist/Bio-statistician with Health Canada. He provides statistical and epidemiological support and expertise for the regulation of pesticides in Canada as well as collaboration and coordination with other regulatory agencies. Keith has extensive consulting expertise and has published foundational research work on Meta-Analysis. He holds a DPhil in Statistics from the University of Oxford and a MBA from University of Toronto.

Raman Pall

Raman Pall is a data scientist with the Data Analytics Centre at National Research Council Canada, where he applies various data analytics and statistical learning techniques to deliver business insights to industrial and governmental clients. He holds a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in mathematics from the University of Ottawa. His research interests include supervised and unsupervised machine learning, text analytics, mathematical programming, operations research, and multi-criteria decision analysis. He has been published in a wide range of peer-reviewed journals and has authored several internal technical papers. His email address is raman.pall[at]nrc-cnrc.gc.ca.

Jim Provost

Jim Provost is the Lead Data Scientist at Lixar IT. He has more than two decades of software delivery and data science experience. He received his B.Eng from McMaster University and a Masters in Computer Science from Queen’s University. He is a strategic adviser, previous TEDx speaker, father of two, and loves to teach people about Data Science and why it matters.

Christian Ritter

Christian Ritter is a senior data scientist at the Data Science Division at Statistics Canada where he works on business solutions with AI for internal and external clients. He received his PhD in Astrophysics while focusing on the simulation of stars with high-performance computers. Later he was very active working on machine learning solutions in the Startup scene in BC. He helped building the Data Science Division at Statistics Canada and as part of this consulted and provided data science solutions based on natural language processing to many clients. Christian is currently leading a team of data scientists. His teams focuses on a variety of AI applications involving state-of-the-art AI models with data ranging from textual and numerical to image data.

Steven Wu

Steven Wu graduated from Carleton University in the B. Math Computational Applied Math and Statistics program. He finished his MSc Statistics at Simon Fraser University afterward. Since graduation, he works as a Data Scientist on Shopify’s People Analytics team. In People Analytics, we collect and analyze data about the Shopify team to (a) help leadership make data informed decisions and (b) help make our workplace more efficient and engaging, regularly using statistical methods to influence decisions around hiring / performance / retention / engagement / learning / culture.