Inna Bumagin(a) : Publications





Papers and Preprints:

(with Ming Ming Zhang) On fully residually-R groups, accepted to Communications in Algebra.

Time complexity of the conjugacy problem in relatively hyperbolic groups, International Journal of Algebra and Computation, in press. arXiv

(with Jeremy Macdonald) Effective coherence in centralizer extensions of locally quasi-convex hyperbolic groups, accepted to Groups, Geometry and Dynamics. arXiv.

(with Olga Kharlampovich) Zn-free groups are CAT(0), J. London Math. Soc., 2013. reprint, arXiv (the arXiv version differs mainly in that it contains two more statements at the end of Section 2).

(with Olga Kharlampovich and Alexei Miasnikov) The isomorphism problem for finitely generated fully residually free groups, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 208(2007), no. 3, 961–977. arXiv.

On definitions of relatively hyperbolic groups, Contemporary Mathematics series, volume 372(2005) "Geometric methods in Group Theory", J.Burillo, S.Cleary, M.Elder, J.Taback and E.Ventura, editors. ArXiv

(with Daniel Wise) Every group is an outer automorphism group of a finitely generated group, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 200(2005), no. 1-2, 137-147.

The conjugacy problem for relatively hyperbolic groups, Algebraic and Geometric Topology, 4(2004), 1013-1040. arXiv

Subgroups of torsion-free hyperbolic groups have the Hopf property, Geometriae Dedicata, 106(1), 2004, 211-230.

k-generated groups with (k-1)-generated subgroups all free, International Journal of Algebra and Comp., Vol.11, No.5 (2001) 507—524.

Examples of amalgamated products of groups, Israel Journal of Mathematics, Vol.124 (2001), 279--284.


Combinatorial and geometric group theory. Papers from the Conference on Combinatorial and Geometric Group Theory with Applications, Dortmund, August 27–31, 2007, the Workshop in Asymptotic Group Theory and Cryptography, Ottawa, ON, December 14–16, 2007, and the Workshop on Actions on Trees, Non-Archimedian Words, and Asymptotics, Montreal, QC, December 17–21, 2007. Edited by Oleg Bogopolski, Inna Bumagin, Olga Kharlampovich and Enric Ventura. Trends in Mathematics. Birkhäuser/Springer Basel AG, Basel, 2010. viii+315 pp.