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Windows 95 resources on the Web

Windows 95 com
This monolithic site is a tribute to the virtuosity of some Windows 95 enthusiasts. You'll find all sorts of information, shareware, drivers, etc. for use with Windows 95 (all 32-bit!).

Windows 95 Upgrade Page
This is the page to go if you have a (real) IBM PC and you're thinking of upgrading to Windows 95...

Microsoft's own Windows95 Page.
Check this out if you want the latest news on Win95 and peripherals...note the cool animated GIF at the bottom!

Press releases
This page is for press releases dealing with Win95...moderated by Microsoft.

What's in the first Service Pack from Microsoft ?.
Download the sevice pack here
The first bug patch for Windows 95...Watch out though! My download of this service pack did not create an "Uninstall" feature as promised, just in case things didn't work out! Indeed,I got a GP fault and had to reboot right after the download...

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