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Updated December 23, 2021


For the 2022 Digital edition of The ABC’s of Calculus, go to ​​ and order it for the term, i.e., 150 days, for $50. VISA and Cryptocurrency supported.

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The Calendar Year, 2020-2021

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Calculators: This is the second year of the great pandemic, so all classes will be online and pretty much anything is permitted except plagiarism, of course.

INSTRUCTOR:   Dr. Angelo Mingarelli or ask your Instructor,

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Telephone: Normally 613 520 2600 ext. 2162 (Contact AM by email these days.)

Classes start: January 2022

NOTE: Classes may be a mix of synchronous and asynchronous classes. The ZOOM link for classes will be on Brightspace.

Winter classes end: April 2022

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Detailed Class Outline

In the following table 1 week represents 2 lectures, and NOT a full week as usual.

Tests will be open for 24 hours and you'll choose the 2 hour period within this time frame for when you write them.

Thsi outline is for the new 2022 ABC's of Calculus Edition dated Dec 2021








Chapter 1 (all)

Functions, Review of Chapter 1 in text,

Trigonometry, Appendix C

Intro to Chapter 2


Chapter 2 (all), 3.1-3


Limits and continuity, Evaluating and guessing limits at infinity, Derivatives and the Chain rule.


Chapter 3.4 - 3.8

Implicit functions, Derivatives of trigonometric functions, Inverse functions,



Chapter 3.8 - 3.9

Inverse trigonometric functions and their derivatives, L'Hospital's Rule



Chapter 4.1- 4.6 (all)

Exponentials, logarithms and their derivatives




Chapter 6.1- 6.4 (all)

Anti-derivatives, Indefinite integral, Summation, Area, Definite integral, Riemann Integral


Chapter 7.1 - 7.2

Area, Trig identities (review), Integration by substitution (change of variable)


Chapter 7.3 and 7.3.1-7.3.4

Integration by parts (incl. all subsections)



Chapter 7.4 and 7.4.1-7.4.2

Chapter 7.5.1

Integration of Partial fractions,

Integration of powers of sines and cosines,


Chapter 7.5.2 and

7.6, (7.6.1-7.6.2) and


Integration of powers of secants and tangents

Trigonometric substitutions, (incl. all subsections)

Improper integrals,


Chapter 7.7-7.8

Improper integrals,

Area between two curves


Chapter 7.9

(Chapter 7.10)

Volumes of solids of revolution, Arc length (if time permits)



(last day of classes)




EVALUATION (TBA post 2021)

Your final grade will be calculated as:

Tutorial attendance: expected but not graded.

2 online tests of 120 minutes at a time TBA by your individual instructors: 15%+15%

3 assignments 3 x 15 = 45%

Final: 25%

Missed tests and assignments will be dealt with at a unique predetermined time before the end of term. Ask your instructor for more details.

Students with disabilities requiring academic accommodations in this course are encouraged to contact the Paul Menton Center for Students with Disabilities (500 University Center: Call 613-520-6608 or email