MATH3107 Linear Algebra III, Winter 2008

Lecturer: Dr Robert Bailey, HP5218. (e-mail)
Telephone: 520-2600 x8999.

FINAL GRADES: These will be made available on Carleton Central once they have been approved by the Deans' Office. I am not able to confirm your grades before that happens (sorry!).
Please note that I changed the grading scheme slightly from what was stated on the course information sheet. If you performed better on the final exam than in your term work, then your final exam performance was what counted, provided that you had made a serious attempt at the term work.

Teaching Assistant: Anton Covic (e-mail).

Course information

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Lectures: Monday and Wednesday, 4.00pm–5.30pm, Southam Hall SA516.
Tutorials: Thursday, 4.30pm–5.30pm, Mackenzie Building 4494.

Term marks

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Lecture summaries

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Midterm test

The test paper can be found here.

Final exam

The final exam will be on FRIDAY 11th APRIL, at 2.00pm, in the Alumni Hall.

Course overview

  1. Review of complex numbers; fields and vector spaces; matrix algebra.
  2. Complex inner-product spaces; norms; the Gram–Schmidt process.
  3. Review of linear transformations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors; the Cayley–Hamilton Theorem.
  4. Special types of matrices; triangularization.
  5. Methods for computing eigenvalues: the QR method, Gershgorin domains.
  6. Solving systems of linear equations: the LU decomposition.
  7. Other topics and applications, depending on the time available.

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