MATH1009C Calculus for Business and Economics, Fall 2008

I am away until February 23rd 2009, an am unable to deal with any requests to review final exam papers.

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Dr Robert Bailey (e-mail), HP5218.
Telephone: 613-520-2600 x8999.

Final exam

The final exam will be on FRIDAY 12th DECEMBER, at 2.00pm, in the Field House.

Office hours for final exam: I will be available in my office (HP5218) to answer questions at the following times:

The TAs will also be available at the following times: Remember that the Math Tutorial Centre in HP1160 will be open to help you during the exam period.

Course information

Lectures: Monday and Wednesday, 2.30–4.00pm, Loeb Building C164.
Tutorials: Friday, 12.30pm–1.30pm, in:

Note that during the first tutorial there will be a mandatory diagnostic test: this is meant as a review of high-school material and should be quite straightforward. Click here for more information and some practice questions; click here for some further practice questions (and here for solutions).


One of the following: or a suitable equivalent.

Required textbook

Brief Calculus and its Applications, by Goldstein, Lay, Schneider and Asmar (Publisher: Pearson/Prentice Hall), 11th edition.

Supplementary notes

Some of the material on curve sketching from the class on 6th October is not covered in the textbook. For some supplementary notes, click here.

Homework exercises

Selected exercises from the textbook can be found here. (Note that you can omit Section 6.6, as we will not be covering this topic in class.)

For some exercises on curve sketching (similar to what was done in class on 6th October), see page 5 of the supplementary notes.

Old final exam papers

Some old final exam papers are available here for you to practice:

In-term test papers

To help practice for the final exam, the test question papers are here: Test 1, Test 1 (make-up), Test 2, Test 3, Test 4.

Term marks

Click here for a list of test marks, indexed by student ID. (Unfortunately, at the moment this excludes the diagnostic test marks. As soon as WebCT starts behaving itself and will actually let me export a file, I'll add those to this list.)

Note that if there is an error in the transcription of any of your grades, you need to see me in my office hours, and bring the test paper with the correct mark on it with you!

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